How to use this box with Vagrant:

Vagrant.configure("2") do |config| = "batressc/ubuntu-server"
  config.vm.box_version = "22.04.3"
vagrant init batressc/ubuntu-server \
  --box-version 22.04.3
vagrant up

This version was created 7 months ago.

Ubuntu Server 22.04.3 LTS

Standard installation of Ubuntu Server 22.04.3 LTS.

Configured users

  • root
    • SSH enabled: Yes
    • Password: vagrant
    • VS Code SSH Server installed: Yes
  • vagrant
    • SSH enabled: Yes
    • Password: vagrant
    • VS Code SSH Server installed: Yes

File system configuration

  • 128GB virtual hard disk drive using 2GB on GTP partition and 126GB on LVM partition configuration

GTP configuration

  • /boot
    • Space: 1GB
    • Format: ext4
  • /boot/efi
    • Space: 1GB
    • Format: fat32

LVM configuration

  • Volume Group vg-main with 126GB assigned on a third GTP partition.
  • Logical Volume vg-main-lv-root
    • Mounting point: /
    • Space: 30GB
    • Format: ext4
  • Logical Volume vg-main-lv-home
    • Mounting point: /home
    • Space: 10GB
    • Format: ext4
  • Logical Volume vg-main-lv-var
    • Mounting point: /var
    • Space: 60GB
    • Format: ext4
  • Logical Volume vg-main-lv-tmp
    • Mounting point: /tmp
    • Space: 5GB
    • Format: ext4
  • Unassigned space: 20.996GB

Additional installed packages

  • microsoft-powershell
  • linux-azure
  • openssh-server


This image is not recommended for Kubernetes installation because a default swap file is active. If you want try Kubernetes please turn off the swap feature.

You can expand the LV using the unassigned space. For more information show the documentation about the LVM.

Samba is not installed on the VM. If you need to share files between host and VM you must configure Samba first on the VM.

1 provider for this version.
  • hyperv
    unknown Hosted by Vagrant Cloud (2.37 GB)